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Atoll Electronique Canada is proud distributor of Davis Acoustics speakers.

In the 70's, Michel Visan was the Chief Designer and innovator of many loudspeaker designs seen today, working for several leading manufacturers at that time. In 1986 he founded Davis Acoustics as a family business.They've started in their backyard with two employees in the Saint Maur des Fosses area of Paris. Since then, they've expanded the factory three times until building their most recent facility in its current location Troyes, France.

The Davis name has always been synonymous of true high fidelity and is a recognized leader worldwide in the design and manufacturing of superior quality loudspeakers. Completely self financed all of their products and sub components including coils, magnets, speaker cones and cabinets are all designed and hand made by their highly trained dedicated craftsmen in our factory in France. Our OEM division manufactures speakers for several of the world's leading class automotive manufacturers for their customers enjoyment as well as supplying other OEM speaker to other brands with their technology. The tradition of design excellence reflect very well their love for music reproduction.



The MV One Master is a column loudspeaker equipped with a single driver: a full range.

This 20 cm diameter (8 inch) loudspeaker is capable of transcribing bass, midrange and treble. It was designed by Michel Visan, founder of DAVIS Acoustics, and represents his ultimate creation (nearly 1000 hours of research to find the right compromise between the sizing of the magnetic motor, the weight of the mobile assembly, the choice of materials.

It constitutes for the audiophile an ultimate quest, because the whole of the bandwidth is reproduced by a point emissive source: a single voice coil.


This new one-way column version (the first dates from 2012) allows, in addition to grounding all the metal parts of the loudspeaker, three possible connections including Direct mode. This provides the user with a direct connection of his amplifier to the broadband, without any electronic components. Hence an extraordinary listening spontaneity without any loss of dynamics!

Two other operating modes have been added, to be able to benefit from this ultimate listening in small rooms.

The very good efficiency of the loudspeaker, accompanied by a constant impedance curve, and a linear frequency response curve, make this loudspeaker the ideal companion for all amplifiers on the market, including those with very low power including tube amplifiers thanks to its high efficiency of 93.5 dB and its minimum impedance of 8 Ohms. Its maximum allowable power is 200 watts. It has a rectangular vent located at the bottom of the front enclosure.

Dimensions : 100 x 27x 50 cm
Weight : 49 kg each

Available in Ebony (shown) or Gold Bamboo.


Courbet 8

Courbet n°8 is a 3-way loudspeaker using 3 exceptional loudspeakers, all three manufactured in our production site in Troyes.

The brand new fabric dome tweeter, with double decompression chamber, the Olympia One Master medium loudspeaker combined with
a very fast and very defined 21 cm Carbon speaker designed specifically for this model.

This Courbet n°8 will fill large rooms with a level of definition and musicality very rarely encountered in a three-way loudspeaker of this size, even at very high volume.

A little larger, it remains very slender and futuristic all along the line.

The largest column in the range is distinguished by a very wide bandwidth and by great ease of implementation.

Its crossover filter with very high-end components allows many combinations of electronics.

Let yourself be surprised by the qualities of this product.
Maximum power : 200 W
Sensitivity : 92,5 dB
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) : 35 – 25000 Hz
Dimensions HxLxP : 112,5 x 23,5 x 31 cm
Weight : 33 kg each

Available in high gloss black, mat white, grey or walnut


The Courbet 7 is a 3-way loudspeaker using 3 exceptional loudspeakers, all three made in our production site. It's using the brand new double decompression tweeter that equips the Karla 2.0. The Medium speaker of the Olympia one master (2016 Diapason d'Or) and a 17 cm carbon woofer.

Enclosure type: Bass reflex with circular port
Nominal power: 130 W
Maximum power: 200 W
Drivers: 13 cm carbon fiber woofer, 13 cm kevlar midrange, dome tweeter
Frequency cut off: 400/4000 Hz
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Frequency response: 40-25000 Hz
Impedance: 4-8 ohms
Dimensions cm (HxWxD): 110x18.5x28.5 cm
Weight: 24 kg

Available in white or black lacquer.


The Courbet 5 speaker is is characterized by the use of 3 loudspeakers of 13 cm in diameter, which makes it possible to obtain an enclosure of 16 cm of width only, for a height of about one meter: a perfect proportion to integrate easily in any interior.

Combined with the best electronics on the market, the COURBET N°5 will transport you to the highest spheres of High Fidelity. This is thanks to the use of the latest generation loudspeakers, including the innovative tweeter which brings a level of precision and subtlety never before achieved in a dome tweeter from DAVIS Acoustics.

The presence of Kevlar for the medium and carbon for the woofers ensures fair and varied timbres. The low frequencies are even particularly tasty and nuanced.

Nominal power: 100 W
Maximum power: 160 W
Drivers: 2x 13 cm carbon fiber woofer, 13 cm kevlar midrange, dome tweeter
Frequency cut off: 400/4000 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Frequency response: 50-25000 Hz
Impedance: 4-8 ohms
Dimensions cm (HxWxD): 98x16x25.5 cm
Weight: 18 kg

Available in white or black lacquer.


Ideal for small rooms, the Courbet 4 has been developed by integrating all the strong markers of the range, to obtain the sound of a larger floor standing speaker.

With more than 30 years of experience in speaker manufacturing, DAVIS Acoustics has once again created a custom transducer to match the unusual volume of the cabinet. Located midway between a speaker “bookshelf” and a “floor standing” of traditional size, the Courbet N ° 4 is equipped with a speaker bass/midrange capable of real prowess. The voice coil has been elongated (to maintain a constant energy, even during strong deflection), the bullet replaced by an inert dust cap (to ventilate the core of the driver and thus cool it) in the end, we gets an ultra-ventilated speaker, able to go down to the bass, while significantly reducing its distortion. Once again, Kevlar was chosen for its ideal mass / stiffness ratio.

The tweeter of the range perfectly accompanies this new speaker. Created with the same goal of transparency and precision, it is powered by a very small cable in pure copper sheathed in PTFE Teflon.

Maximum power : 130 W
Sensitivity : 90 dB
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) : 51 -25000 Hz

Available in grey, black or white


The Courbet 3 is the worthy descendant of "the "Olympia One Master" (Diapason d'or 2016). It is a two-way speaker, using speakers manufactured by Davis Acoustics in France. With a modern design, in a robust and compact box, this Courbet 3 will easily find a place in your interior.

Enclosure type: Bass reflex with circular port
Nominal power: 80 W
Maximum power: 120 W
Drivers: 13 cm kevlar woofer, dome tweeter
Frequency cut off: 3500 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Frequency response: 55-25000 Hz
Impedance: 4-8 ohms
Dimensions cm (HxWxD): 15.5x25 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg

Available in white or black lacquer.


Olympia One Master 35

To celebrate our 35th anniversary, we wanted to reissue this iconic model in rare wood species. Adding high-quality internal components: capacitors, internal wiring and connection terminals. Still made in France, in our Troyen production workshop, the Olympia One 35 will enhance your listening. Do not hesitate to associate them with high-end electronics, they will make you feel good.

Enclosure type: Bass reflex with rear port
Maximum power: 120 W
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Frequency response: 55-22000 Hz
Dimensions cm (HxWxD): 35x18x25 cm
Weight: 9 kg

Available in cherry wood or ebony


The Balthus 90 is the biggest speaker in the range. Slightly wider than its 2 little sisters, it use 21 cm (8″) woofers, which allows it to go down very low in the bass range with the ability of filling a large living room without the need of a subwoofer. Nevertheless, the bass is firm and well-defined and precise when used in combination with a good amplifier. With a very wide bandwidth, the BALTHUS 90 plunges the listener into the heart of the music, without frustration. From the organ to the cymbals, all the instruments of a symphonic orchestra are present with the same energy. Designed for living rooms of 25 up to 50 m2.

Maximum power : 250 w
Sesitivity : 93 dB
Frequency response : 30 -20000 Hz
Dimensions cm (HxWxD) : 108x23x32.5
Weight (kg) : 26 Kg each

Available in black or walnut.

DavisAcousticsBalthus70 The Balthus 70 is discreet and slender, it takes the same drivers as the model 50 with an additional woofer, to reinforce the low register and make listening even more enveloping. Perfectly balanced, the Balthus 70 is a tower capable of transcribing any type of music with amazing ease. It allows listening to the best rock concerts at realistic levels.

Maximum power : 200 w
Sesitivity : 92 dB
Frequency response : 40 -20000 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 102x19x30
Weight (kg) : 21 Kg each
Impedance : nominal 8 ohms, minimum 4 Ohms

Available in black or walnut.


The Balthus 30 is the compact model in the Balthus range. It is nevertheless equipped with the same medium and acute speakers as its big sisters.

Maximum power : 120 w
Sesitivity : 90 dB
Frequency response : 50 -20000 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 30x18x25.5
Weight (kg) : 7.5 Kg each
Impedance : nominal 8 ohms, minimum 4 Ohms
Frequency cutoff : 4000 Hz

Available in black or walnut.